Monday, December 5, 2011

They say she is loved by the greatest of all
Who have walked in the world
He lives far away, still she spends all her days
Content with only His words 

She often walks alone, but never is she lonely
You can offer her anything
Her affections are all for Him only 

She looks to the sky
As if He is coming down through the clouds up above
Though no one has seen Him you cannot deny
She is drenched with His love 

She often walks alone, but never is she lonely
You can offer her anything
Her affections are all for Him only 

All the day long she sings sweetly
She says He speaks to her mind
She's only rich with affliction
Yet a bitter word you won't find 

song by sherri youngward 

This song spoke to me on a day like today! I woke up felling tired and sore from a very needy and hungry baby that kept me up every 2 1-2 hours last night. There she was asleep beside me. Afraid to move, I lay there just waiting for her to wake. My husband is ironing his shirt preparing to leave me, not only with the newborn, but the toddler watching loony toons in the other room for the second time around already this morning! ...Next thing I know I am feeding Priscilla for the 5th time and it's only noon...       

That is one way of looking at this morning. 

On a day like today, I missed the blessings God had for me. I missed out on the ways my family blessed me. I missed the opportunity to bless them.. Little appreciation was given to my husband for getting luciana out of bed quietly to let me sleep in. He even did a load of dishes for me! He then went to his first day at his second job to provide for us. My toddler, although very needy as soon as I begin to nurse my newborn, proceeded to entertain herself despite a very boring mother.  

Thank you Lord for how much you bless me-- even when You know I may not realize or see the blessings, you still pour them out onto me! 

I read this quote today in my Jane Austen address book. Jane Austen wrote this in her novel Pride and Prejudice, "Those who don't complain are never pitied".   

I also read 1Peter 1 and came across this verse, "Though now you do not see Him, yet believing you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory,".. 

So the sum of what He has taught me today through my address book, 1 Peter chapter 1, and listening to sherri youngwards cd in my kitchen is simple. God is enough. He is so satisfying that no matter what comes my way, there is blessing in it. He is with me when I'm feeding my baby and attempting to entertain my toddler. Even if I feel unproductive and exhausted, it is not in vain if I am doing it for Him. When I realize this, my day is suddenly flipped around and I can "rejoice with joy inexpressible".