Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Seek Ye First" and all these things may be added unto you??

I've decided it's been far too long since I've journaled here about all it is that God, through my family (of two girls and Roy) aka my ministry, has been showing me... AND although  it takes sometimes a year or even two for me to sit down and think on these things, I am finally spilling it. His still small voice is ever so faithful over my loud scattered and most times sleepy brain!
Not knowing where to start I will just jump right smack in the middle of my memory of what He's oh so patiently taught me since last blogging. Just yesterday I listened to a teaching streamed  from the web by Joe Phocht.. Something he or I should say Jesus said just seems to sum up and bring clearity to an entire journal of words from God to my heart. It is sooo simple but sooo profound to this heart of mine... AND I've heard it one million nine hundred sixty seven times...
                  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you".
So despite all the overwhelming lists of things to do or get or finish or cook or clean or organize or (whatever other verb you can think up) God has told me over and over these past couple years to set this aside. I am to  seek Him first. "Well God" I say day after day in my heart "I will first get set for the day or get ahead in this, or clear my mind of this 'responsibility' first, and then with those last few minutes, when the coffee is ready and bed is made and kids aren't in need, and I am awake, I will seek You".
You get the point I'm sure by now. But why, oh why, has it taken me this long. I am convinced now that this is due to little miss Chauntel's trust issue. Do I really trust God will add "all these things unto me" if I give Him my eyes and ears? I can say that I have sacrificed Sundays, Wednesdays and whatever other days I have given him my time at church. Is this really what God wants?
Psalm 40:6     "Sacrifice and offering you did not desire—
    but my ears you have opened[a]
    burnt offerings and sin offerings[b] you did not require." 
                      So to those of you who may struggle with worry or fear... DONT. If we truly trust in God we wont lack anything. Seek Him and He will take care of everything else. I am so very thankful that God has not deserted me through this struggle of mine. He has won me over time and time again. He wants our attention because He knows only He can bring about the best for us. Weather we realize or not, that time with Him in our day makes all the difference. 
 Psalm 51:13 says "The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me".  
                     This verse has shown me that we must have a thankful heart in order to glorify Him. He needs our ears and a thankful heart. These are the sacrafices we must make. In being thankful and seeking Him, we are not only fulfilling the desires of our father, but we are adding "all these things" to our lives. All these things meaning all the things we worry about will be taken care of without us worrying!! WHAT A DEAL! Why does our perception cloud the simplicity of it?? We either shorten our life, and those around us by being no fun and complaining all the days long and get no where with our issues, OR we seek GOD and get peace, joy, love, the desires of your heart, and His Spirit to assure us that Jesus has everything under controle! 
                     So thank you to my husband, who has waited silently for me to get this! God has placed him in his role to help mold me into the wife God wants me to be.Through times of pushing and nudging, as well as carrying me through some difficulties, he is one of the most steady humans I know. Thank you to my two girls. It's pretty obvious that they need me, but I see it clearly now that I need them. God has put  them under my wing at this time to drive me to His feet. He has given me this task of mothering to humble me to the point where I am desparate for Him. This is a place I love. I can say I love it with confidence because this is a place where I see His face more clear than ever. He so personally touches my heart when I seek Him first! There are quite a few low points that I have visited this past year due to my lack of trust, but God promises more. He promises that there's a place where moth or rust doesn't destroy, or theives don't break in! No matter what is going on around us, we CAN have joy.
                           So with this great revelation that God has patiently and graciously allowed me to finally get I want to record the specific blessings that come. I hope to daily give Him my ear and a thankful heart. I already know that I will fail, but I know that God has etched this deep in my heart so His spirit in me will allow me to get back up again. When worry or anxiety try and get the best of me, I now have the promises to stand on and shield my heart and mind!!! 
Stay tuned for more ramblings of God's victory in the heart and mind of a wife and mother.